Yoni Wand

Yoni Wand

Origins of the Yoni Wand

As millions around the world are beginning to discover the wonders of the Yoni Wand, it may be easy to perceive the use of gemstone dildos as a modern and recent development, but this isn’t the case! In reality this sacred tool has been around for a very long time. The word ‘Yoni’ itself refers to the Sanskrit term for ‘sacred space’ describing the female inner sanctum, Sanskrit being an ancient Indic language with 3500 years of history. Much like the language Sanskrit, crystal and gemstone wands intended for self-pleasure and internal healing have been around for thousands of years. In 2005 archaeologist Petra Kieselbach discovered a sculpted stone penis in South Germany believed to be 28,000 years old, whilst stone sculpted dildos can also be seen in Upper Palaeolithic art dating back over 30,000 years (predating even the invention of the wheel!). Examples of the historical existence of self-pleasure wands can also be seen globally, with the Hong Kong Museum of History boasting an ancient sex toy fashioned from bronze dating back to the Han Dynasty, thousands of years ago. 

So it is safe to say that the use of self-pleasure wands is not only a practice that can be found all over the world, but also one that has existed for millennia. In no way is the use of Yoni Wands a new fad, and it definitely should not be stigmatized or seem daunting! The only difference between the wands used by our ancestors to practice self-pleasure and spiritual healing, and the fabulous wands that we have now is that we now have greater access to the beautiful and powerful gemstones that they are fashioned from!

How to use

To use your yoni wand, insert it into or massage it around your yoni in a way that is pleasurable and comfortable for you. We are fully confident that even if it is your first time using a yoni wand, you will soon discover the best technique and motion for you that will bring about an intense and powerful orgasm. To add another dimension and sensation to your orgasm you can experiment with different temperatures for your yoni wand, either gently raising its temperature in warm water so as to provide a comforting warmth to your yoni, or cooling it prior to use with lightly chilled water to feel the exhilarating sensation of the cool smooth crystal within your sacred space. Remember if you do warm up your yoni wand, don’t place it straight into chilled water afterwards as a dramatic cooling from a hot temperature could damage the precious stone, we recommend that you allow it to cool naturally for a few minutes first. 

Whilst it is awesome to use your yoni wand solely for pleasure, we also recommend taking a moment prior to use to consider its spiritual potential and how the sacred tool’s use can enhance your sensuality and your connection to your yoni. Taking a moment to clear your mind and consider the energy you wish to receive from your yoni wand can help to intensify your orgasm as well as focus the sensual and spiritual connection to your yoni that the natural gemstone and its powers can provide.


Benefits of using a Yoni Wand compared to other sex toys 

Yoni wands provide a more natural and spiritual form of self-pleasure than other sex toys such as battery-operated ones, allowing you to experience pleasure without the distractions of unnatural interference from electricity and artificial energies. This can provide you with the awareness and peace to truly spiritually engage with the sacred act and awaken your sexuality in a natural way. 

Another crucial benefit of the yoni wand is the beautiful crystal that they are crafted from. Our yoni wands are fashioned from a wide range of stunning gemstones, each with their own unique set of healing properties and spiritual energies. Through using these fantastic gemstones in the sacred act of self-pleasure and sex they can heighten sensuality and spiritual awareness, as well as help forge an intimate connection between you and your sacred inner space. Not to mention these stunning stones are an absolute treat to gaze upon and will most likely be the most aesthetically pleasing item on your nightstand!