Why You Should Learn Yoni Self-Massage

Why You Should Learn Yoni Self-Massage

Why You Should Learn Yoni Self-Massage

We all know that body massage has loads of beneficial properties. It relieves tension in muscles, prevents pains, and positively influences one’s mood and general mental health. We go to special salons and have our backs, necks, legs and feet massaged. However, vagina and breasts remain secret body parts that are often shamed and hidden. They are associated with either child-rearing, either sexual context, but no health-related one.

The two body parts are the most sacred places of the female body. They are the key to women’s health. So why are they always ignored when it comes to body massage? Vagina, or yoni, consists of muscles that exactly as your legs or neck experience tension and need relief. The outer part of the vagina is a flexible skin lining that provides those very deep and pleasant sensations.

When we massage our body, or we have professionals do the work, we feel relieved, healed and happy. Vagina and breasts are also crucial parts of our female bodies, and they also need stress relief, care and love.

Moreover, the art of yoni massage supposes that you give pleasant sensations to your body without any expectations of orgasm or even arousal. A session of true vagina massage is the time you spend with yourself and your body only. Nobody can interrupt you, and nothing can distract you. Feel the energy flowing through your body, and heal your mind with a long, emotional and relaxing yoni massage.

To make your vagina massage even more sensual and effective, use gemstone sex toys, such as wands, eggs or dildos. Your body will immediately react to the healing properties of crystals that will tenderly touch your hips, thighs, pubic bone, yoni entrance and clitoris.

Every woman should experience what a true yoni self-massage with gemstone sex toys means. Grab some massage oil tonight and start touching your body with your gemstone sex toys or hands. There is no right way to do that. Listen to your heart, and your hands and crystals will do all the rest.

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